West Texas Desert Hawks closing down. Zack Bugg steps down as owner

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The West Texas Desert Hawks have cut their regular season short. Owner Zack Bugg held a Q&A on Facebook Live to address the team.

Bugg acknowledged that the team is being shut down.

While on Facebook Live, Bugg said he will no longer be an owner of the Desert Hawks or indoor arena Football, “It doesn’t make sense financially; it doesn’t make sense through the heartache and the stress, losing family time, it’s just not it. The arena Football world is too hostile and crazy for me,” said Bugg.

During Friday’s Q&A, Bugg stated that he was the eighth team owner who had decided to shut his team down from the Arena Football League.

When asked, “Where did it all go wrong in the AFL,” Bugg replied, “false promises, false promises without a doubt,” regarding payroll from the league. “It was a scam, to begin with, and I honor that, I can honestly say here in West Texas we honor that, and every player that’s ever signed with us, if they were owed money, we’d pay them money.”

Bugg addressed the firing of former head coach Chris Siegfried, Bugg said, “It’s based on wins and losses. That was a business decision. That was a strictly coaching situation that I think we all could’ve done better starting with me at the top to him as a head coach.”

During Friday’s Q&A, Bugg mentioned “animosity between concessions and the coliseum” describing it as a “hostile and corrupt and crazy situation.”

Bugg mentioned he had not heard if anyone would like to take ownership of the team in the future.