The West Texas class of 2024 takes the field one last time at the FCA All Star Game

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - On Saturday nearly 100 West Texas football players, 15 cheerleaders, 16 coaches, and 7 athletic trainers gathered at Ratliff Stadium for one last game together.

The students are all members of the Class of 2024 and in the fall, they will move on to their post-high school plans.

But before that journey begins the Fellowship of Christian Athletes wanted to send them off with one more memory on the field.

This time that memory is not filled with rivalries, instead it’s all about coming together as West Texans.

It was Blue vs. White, with players wearing their own high school helmets, covered in stickers from their rival schools.

Don’t let the camaraderie of this game fool you, these athletes were not taking it easy on each other.

The game was made even more special with the appearance of Braden Kent.

Kent played football at Iraan High School until he received the unfortunate news that cancer would prevent him from playing football after the first game of his sophomore season.

Braden finished his high school career from the sidelines, but early in the year, he received the good news that he was cancer-free.

Then he was nominated to play in the FCA All-Star Game, giving him one more chance to take the field.

Ratliff Stadium was filled with excitement as family and friends gathered to watch the West Texas Class of 2024 play one last football game.

The West Texas class of 2024 takes the field one last time at the FCA All Star Game

It wouldn’t be a football game without cheerleaders! Cheerleaders from teams across the Basin were filled with spirit for both the blue and the white.

Tensions were high during the game, but in some cases, old rivals became new friends (and maybe some old friends became rivals).

The White team came out on top, but no matter who won, it was all smiles at the 2024 All-Star Football game.

During a post-game huddle, Jeff Jones, the head coach of the Garden City Bearkats said it best: