6-Man to 11-Man: How the FCA All-Star football game brings West Texas together

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The FCA All-Star Week is a great opportunity to play your sport with your teammates one last time. A few lucky athletes even get to play under their coach one final time.

What makes the football game different from any othr football game is the combination of different school classifications, including some Class 1A schools that play 6-man football. Those players will have to make the jump to the 11-man game.

“Man I don’t know about 6-man schools but hopefully they see what us kids are about up here. They see some kids are big out here, that’s what they say and it’s like this is how 6A schools do it,” said Adam Alvarado, an FCA All-Star from Midland High, a 6A school.

“It’s kind of exciting to see those people, you know, people around here, just everyone coming together so it doesn’t matter from 6-man to 11-man football, I’m sure they all know how to play,” said Esus Robledo, an FCA All-Star from Legacy High, a 6A school.

“They’re doing pretty well, they’re doing really good, yeah I’m just glad they’re a part of us, said Izack Villasenor, an FCA All-Star from Legacy High, a 6A school.

The 11-man players from the big 6A schools feel good about the game and the quality of the 6-man players… but how do the 6-man players feel about the adjustment?

“A lot of different formations than 6-man… pass routes, they’ve got all different names for them. We use different names, we use different names, getting used to them is pretty hard but overall it’s kind of the same, just different names for it. It’s been pretty fun so far. I’m kind of small compared to some of the guys but I mean I’m putting up a good fight,” said Blake Bunger, an FCA All-Star from Rankin High, a 1A school that plays 6-man football.

“I’ve heard that 6-man is harder, 11-man is harder, obviously with 6-man you done get as many breaks, you know, you’re playing both sides of the ball, everyone is in on every tackle. 11-man I’ve heard is a little more slow tempo, you have more time, it’s more downhill, but I’m really excited because I’m gonna go play in college so I guess this gets me a little bit ready,” said Ishamel Rodriguez, an FCA All-Star from Borden County High, a 1A school that plays 6-man football.

Thad Fortune, the Blue Team’s head coach, coaches each game at the 6A level, so he is ready to see what all of the classes can produce.

“You never go to a 6-man game and walk away saying that was boring. They play an exciting brand of football. Everybody’s got three days to learn something new– new terminology, new offense, new defense, it’s going to be new for 95% of the kids out there this weekend because it’s not the stuff they’ve been running all year. I bet it’ll be pretty seamless for them,” said Fortune.