Paint the Park event brings cancer community together

Avi Carr-Gloth

ODESSA, Texas- On Saturday the West Texas Gifts of Hope in Odessa had their Paint the Park event to celebrate and admire cancer survivors, support those fighting cancer and honor those who have died from the disease.

Both cancer survivors and fighters were honored in front of a large group today before getting doused in paint during a color walk.

Families and friends wore shirts to honor someone in their lives who either has battled or currently has cancer.

Informative booths came out from all over West Texas to show support for the cancer community and to offer themselves as a resource always on standby to help.

Kenneth warmke focused care executive director of operations (:09)
"When we have a visual presence here we can show them that we're part of those people that at any given time you can always turn to," said Focused Care Executive Director of Operations Kenneth Warmke.

"We can always be someone to care, help and support you."

The different colors on the flags at Memorial Park represent different types of cancer. They also represent different corners of the community coming together for one cause.

"When we talk cancer, it's just not about one particular cancer it's about all of them," said Paint the Park Co-chair Brenda Medlock.

"We're all in this fight together."

For those who have fought and are still battling cancer, this event was a reminder of just the sheer amount of people who care for them and how unifying this fight is.

"I can walk with my family, with other people my family is supporting and I see a lot of people supporting other families," said cancer survivor Lolita Garcia.

"No one fights alone," said Brenda.

"We all need to stand up together and do this for each other and support one another."

If you're in need of local resources to help fight this disease, you can go to the West Texas Gifts of Hope website.