Public Safety Communications

Mission Statement
The Public Safety Communications Division is primarily a service and support division. Nearly all of the functions of the division are done for the support of another public safety department or agency. It is, therefore, the mission of the public safety communications division is to continually provide the highest level of service and support to the employees of the Midland County Sheriff's Office, Midland Fire Department, The Midland Police Department, the employees of other public safety related agencies, and ultimately to the public.

Overview / History
The Public Safety Communications Center of the City of Midland Communications and Information Systems Department is a highly specialized unit of personnel which provides centralized communications services to the fire department, police department, and the county sheriff's office. As well as providing communications services to other City of Midland departments after 5 p.m. on weekdays, they provide all day service on weekends and holidays. The communications center is the Public Safety Answering Point for Midland County.

The communications center is located partially underground in order to protect personnel and equipment. An alternate power source sufficient to provide electrical power for continued operation of emergency communications is furnished by a full powered generator. The generator is tested weekly to assure its readiness.

Public safety communications include base-mobile communications and telephone communications.

Telephone Communications

  • Twenty-four hour, toll-free, TDD/TTY, telephone access for emergency 911 and non-emergency calls for service as well as prompt handling and routing of misdirected calls.
  • Public Safety Communications provides 24 hour two way radio communications, which provides continuous communications between the Communications Center and on-duty employees.
  • The Public Safety Communications Center records and has immediate playback capabilities of all telephone conversations as well as all radio transmissions. Requests to review recorded material are made to the Communications Manager. All tapes are maintained for 365 days.


The communications center has plans for dispatching to all call types including a recommended response. The fire department, police department, and the county sheriff’s office have devised these recommended responses.