The Planning Division


The Planning Division is the starting point for all new development and redevelopment within the city limits.

The City of Midland has adopted a new comprehensive plan, Tall City Tomorrow. This document addresses the specific needs and hopes of the city and provide a guide for future development policy. It is a tool to guide city priorities and directions, and provide context for making key land use and public investment decisions.

City planners currently use the Tall City Tomorrow Plan as a guide to review all rezoning requests, make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council, process applications for subdivision plats (within 3.5 miles of city limits), and collaborate with other divisions and departments within the City.

What We Do

Most land development proposals require the submittal of a detailed site plan, which provides the opportunity for staff to review the characteristics of the site, including building location and design, parking, signs, landscaping, access, garbage pickup, lighting, and more. The Planning Division works closely with several City departments and outside agencies for short- and long-range planning.

Our recommendations to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council provide information needed to make decisions regarding community development. The Planning Division also prepares special studies as needed, such as annexation, land use and housing studies, population estimates, and code amendments as warranted.